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Post  Dream on Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:12 pm

Name: Jared Lopiaca

Age: 17

Country: United States of America

Future IGN: Dream

Say you were in a situation where your frined was hacking but he told you not to ban him
what would you do? well somebody would lie about htis but and say I would ban him but I would warn him.
how would you do it?Hey stop hacking man if you hack again I am going to ban you and Im not kidding and joking around I am serious.

say you weree watching a battle and people started cursing each other what would you do? I would say stop insulting each other and I wouldnt be on a cetain side I would give both warnings and if happens again I will mute them for 3 days. If they insult again then ban.

how long have you been at ProCruiserGunz? 1 day

what make you so special? I am very kind and ill always give my best to keep the sever hacker free. You only have to ask me once to do something and I will do it. I had the most bans with Darkgunz as a gm with 1 year of working with them. I dont lie I am honest about everything. I help everyone and answer anything about the sever but not upcoming updates because I like to suprise them.

any additonal info: I was gm on darkgunz, gm on evilgunz so I know the gm panel.

How long have you been at this server for: 1 day

thanks hope I get accepted


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