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Post  Dream on Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:20 pm

name:Darren Huang

Country:United States of America

Future IGN: Soul

say som1 was advertising on our forum waht would you do?
Well, First i would give them 1 warning. If they did it again, i would ban them.

say some1 was curseing and posting bad stuff on the forums what would you do?
Same thing from before except 2 warnings on the 3rd i would ban them.

Are you a very Nice person?
Truthfully i think i am a nice person. But However on some days if people do get on my bad side, i would try to control myself and try to be friendly.

whats so special about you?
Everything Lmfao, Just Kidding. Um i guess im a nice person, active alot.

any additional comments,info:
Also I have been a GFXA on a unrealeased private server
known as Fort Gunz Lolipop has recently registered there. Sorry For the enters
the new topic is a little screwed up.
Examples of my work are on these following links refering back to my last job

Hope tyou accept me (:


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